Welcome to the Society of Steamland Bloggers

The Society of Steamland Bloggers is a group for blogging residents of the various Steamlands nations in Second Life. The main idea of the group is to share knowledge about writing blogs. This includes but is not limited to issues of presenting ideas specific to the Steamlands like for example "what currency do the Steamlands use?" or "what year do you live in?". For more information about the group please contact Editor-in-Chief, Mr Danko Whitfield or Editor Miss Abigail Raymaker.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sociology of the Steamlands - A Project

The Steamlands are an interesting collection of estates. The various nations that form the alliance span different eras as well as different themes. From the Middle Ages to the Victorian age to the 1930s and from fantasy to historical accuracy.

Given the heterogenous group of estates, one would expect that some nations have stronger ties with some of their allies than with others. By "ties" I mean residents who have taken up residence in more than one nation or are involved in more than one community.

I think it would be interesting to find out what those ties look like. In some cases, it could be obvious, for instances, someone who is into Steampunk might prefer the communities that are - at least partially - based on Steampunk, like New Babbage and Caledon. However, as I have noticed, there are also overlaps between certain estates that don't have that much in common, at least at first sight. A good example is New Toulouse and Winterfell.

I would really like to dug deeper into the sociology of the Steamlands. In order to do that, I need the support and the input of other Steamlanders so that we can obtain a broader level of information and insight.

If you are interested in taking part in this project, please let me know. Thank you!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Flying In The Steamlands

Do you fly in the Steamlands? I never do. 'Never' is likely an over-statement but it's close to never. I don't know why, I just don't even think about flying here. I certainly flew all the time on the Mainland, still do when I go there. But it doesn't occur to me here. I walk, I take a train or boat but fly? Fly? 'Never.'
Two questions...
1. Why is that?
2. How about you?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Currency in The Steamlands

A while back I was writing an RP story for my blog in which I purchased a newspaper on the street in Steeltopia. I wanted to detail the exchange but wondered - what form of currency do they have in Steeltopia? I knew Caledon used the pound but it was the only hard information about currency in the Steamlands that I had available. I was in mid- story, mind you. So I wrote around it...

"I heard the call of a newsboy, "Extra! Extra! Super Weapon Destroys Anchorage!" I was out of the local currency as the Winterfell Embassy was temporarily closed for the reconstruction and I had no petty cash drawer available. I will never part with that lucky silver dollar I had used earlier. I had been at my Cape Wrath house earlier and only had Caledon and Babbage currency on my person at that moment. I handed him a Caledon pound. "What do you expect me to do with that? I can't break that sir," said the young ruffian. "Keep it," I muttered at the little pipsqueak as I grabbed my copy of the Tintype & Telegraph and stomped off."

Not wanting to get caught in that position again, I decided to research the question of currency in the Steamlands. My research consisted of asking the question in the group chat of each nation, and noticing references to currency in some writing by estate owners or other leading citizens and a conversation about Winterfell's policy with the Seneschelf herself.

The list below is what I came up with. I cannot claim this as the definitive list as my research shows no such animal exists, no matter what anyone tells you. The only definitive statement I can make about this list is that when I wish to refer to Steamlands currency in my own RP writing, this is the list I will go by. Mostly.


Caledon - Pound

New Babbage - Dollar

New Toulouse - Dollar

Steelhead - Salmon

Steeltopia - Calam

Winterfell - Gold

Some details...

Caledon - Pound

Obvious, isn't it? Caledon's 19th century Victorian steampunk theme has repeated nods to Queen Victoria's rule.

New Babbage - Dollar

I would have expected the currency in NB to be the pound, as I always liken walking through NB to 'walking through Dickens.' But when I asked the question in the community's group chat several answers came forward and all said dollar. However, do note, there does not appear to be an official currency in NB as a few different dollars were named when I inquired. For example, there was the Tenk Dollar. There were others like that, named after someone or something. So I will not write about the New Babbage Dollar but will simply use 'dollar' or 'dollars' when writing about daily use of currency in NB. "The aroma of the pretzel stand called to me. I gave the man a dollar and pointed to a rather large pretzel in the front row...." Oh yes, there would be change from that dollar.

New Toulouse - Dollar

The one place on this list where I did not ask for input from the locals. Why bother? NT presents a "New Orleans 1890-1920" theme. This puts us in the United States, so it must be the dollar in NT.

Steelhead - Salmon

This was the answer from everyone who gave an opinion. From my experiences in Steelhead, I had no reason to doubt it.

Steeltopia - Calam

This is the official currency in Steeltopia and was introduced not too long ago. I assume it comes from the name of the Emperor, SteelCobra Calamari.

Winterfell - Gold

Winterfell currency, according to Lady Twilight is gold, silver and copper...in that descending order. Miss Serra notes that this is common usage in fantasy writing. She was obviously referring to coins in this convo. This leads me to conclude that no paper currency exists in Winterfell.

Note: There is in Winterfell, in addition to the coins above, the Lunar. It is many, many, many, many, many times more valuable than the Winterfell Gold. But Miss Serra says it is so rare few have ever seen it. I have decided that any reference to it in my future writing will capitalize both words, The Lunar, to further emphasize how special, rare and valuable such a coin is/would be. For example - "I am the Winterfell Ambassador and I have only seen a drawing of The Lunar and it was not a good drawing, hard to make out its markings." Miss Serra stresses the 'rareness' of The Lunar to the point I doubt I will ever write a story that says I have seen one nor is it likely I will write of one being in existence during my days in Winterfell. There might be one but I would only have heard rumor of it and might find these rumors implausible. I think any story that includes an actual Lunar should only be written by Miss Serra herself. It is not clear to me that she has even seen one.

Corrections are welcome but I am comfortable with the above list and unless a head of state tells me something above is incorrect I am unlikely to budge on this list. But, of course, in your writing you may do as you wish. Oh, and I give you the above information at no charge. /me smiles

Monday, September 12, 2011

Society of Steamland Bloggers

Bloggers of the Steamlands unite!

I am pleased to announce the formation of an inworld group in Second Life called, the Society of Steamland Bloggers.

The SSB is intended to serve the bloggers of the Steamland nations and tap their expertise as well. The idea is to bring bloggers together via an inworld group and through the use of a...blog! You will be invited to share your knowledge and ideas and ask your questions about blogging or about the Steamlands as well as announce new blogs and new posts. The group is intended for those who blog about the Steamlands or who blog about some other topic but live, work or play in the Steamlands.

My co-conspirator in this effort is Miss Abigail Raymaker. She has established a blog for the Society itself. You may find it here...


We have just recently formed the group inworld and are now accepting members. We will soon send out group notices (and post these on the Society's blog of course!) to get the ball rolling.

For more information about the group, see the above blog or contact Editor-in-Chief, Mr. Danko Whitfield or Editor, Miss Abigail Raymaker.

Respectfully submitted,

Danko Whitfield